Customize Starting Picture for OHREX GPS Navigator

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How to order? 

1: Place an order to purchase this service.

2: Please provide your favorite pictures by email to, such as your personal photos, family photos, people you like, sports, cars, trucks, etc.

3: We make a picture style and quality that meets your requirements, and send it to you in a memory card.

4: You insert the card into your OHREX navigator and start integrating into the OHEX GPS software.


1: This paid service is only open to users who have used the OHREX navigator for more than 6 months,based on the device purchase time.

2: The OHREX brand icon and text must be displayed in the upper right corner of the picture.

3: This customization has nothing to do with quality and does not affect the quality of use of the OHREX GPS navigator.

4: The pictures you provide will be kept confidential and will never be leaked.


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Customize Starting Picture for OHREX GPS Navigator

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